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Hey Guys..Here is a recent interview:

 Nick Capra Exclusive: Why He Unretired, What He Thinks Of Barebacking, And How He Got Off Drugs

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From Leo Giamani to Brent Corrigan, some of the biggest adult icons are returning to the industry in 2014, and having started his career in 2002, Nick Capra has been around longer than most. Unlike Leo and Brent, Nick is doing interviews to promote a comeback that’s actually happening (he already has several new scenes in the can that are set for release).

So, Str8UpGayPorn caught up with Nick Capra to check in on where he’s been, what he’s got planned, and whether or not he’s still fighting with former gay porn star Trevor Knight.


Str8UpGayPorn: It’s been about four years since you’ve filmed, right? What have you been up to?
Nick Capra: Yep. Four years and two months since I filmed my last scene with Vinnie D’Angelo for Cocksure Men.

Why did you retire back then?
I quit because I got into a relationship with an amazing man. I wanted to explore true monogamy. And I went to a cool holistic school in San Diego called Mueller. I got certified as a MT (medical technologist).

Does that mean you’re single now?
Yes, I am happily single. Hence, my return to the industry.

But you didn’t unretire just because you became single, right?
No, I’m also writing a book! I’ve received tremendous feedback from fans on my blog over the years. So, I think it’s time to tell the entire story. Getting my cautionary story published while I’m current and working in the industry makes much more sense.

Cautionary? What kind of things will you be cautioning others about?
Don’t do dope. And figure out a way to take your name in the industry and brand it into something bigger than being just a model in fuck films.


You’re doing really well now, but will the book address some of your past troubles with addiction?

It will take the reader through some of my darkest days, biggest heartbreaks, and back into the light that I have found again. It’s “cautionary” in the respect that this is no fairy tale. This is a true account of a very notorious lifestyle.

Do you think you would have done drugs whether you were in porn or not?

I had an issue with drugs and alcohol long before I began my porn career. Porn has never contributed to my addiction. I take responsibility for my addiction. And now, I assume that same responsibility for my sobriety.

When did you get sober?

I got sober again on November 26, 2013. I found an amazng sponsor who is taking me through the 12 steps. I am very active in Gay AA in San Diego, and I go to at least 3 AA meetings a week.

Did you keep up with the industry while you were gone?

No, not at all. I had to do a bit of research when I decided to come back to know who was who.

And who do you think is the hottest right now?
Billy Santoro would look great underneath me. Also, I realize he’s not new, but I want to see Ty Roderick go back to bottoming—or at least bottoming for me.

Good luck with that one! What about bareback porn—would you ever do it?
I think bareback porn—especially Sean Cody—is hot to watch, from a viewing perspective. But I believe that as a performer, it’s my personal responsibility to advocate safe sex in my work. I don’t judge other adults for their choices, but you’ll never see me going bareback.


You signed with Ducati Models as your agency, which is of course Trenton Ducati’s company. How did you hear about them, and why did you go with them as opposed to Fabscout or Baileey or someone else?
Honestly, I was on the fence about representation this time around. I’ve always had representation in the past. First, it was the late Dak King. Then, it was Howard from Fabscout. I messaged Chi Chi LaRue several weeks ago and asked him if he thought I needed representation. He said, “No!” but referred me to Michael Youens, who is Trenton’s business partner at Ducati. And then I met Trenton, and it’s hard not to like the guy. He’s got so much damn charisma. What really sold me on Ducati is that they are not looking to represent 100′s of different guys like the other agencies. That translates to more work for me. Simple.


Which studio will your first scene be for, and do you have any others lined up?
I just shot for a new studio called Mile High. Well, they aren’t new in the literal sense, but this was their first gay porn. Nica Noelle directed, and she has a great energy about her. She’s into passionate sex. More like what you would have with your lover in the bedroom—not just contrived “porn sex.” So, that was a huge plus for me. My scene partner was Jessie Colter. Good way to come back, huh?

Definitely. The last time I wrote about you was right around when you retired in 2010, and you were in an online fight with Trevor Knight! Are you and Trevor still feuding, or is that in the past?
Trevor who?

Ha ha. OK, moving on. As a true legend of gay porn, if you could single out one thing you’ve learned from all your experiences, what would it be?
A true legend, huh? That’s very sweet of you to say. If I thought that talking to the new guys about some of my incredibly bad choices since filming my first scene would save them from making similar mistakes, I’d do it. But, we are all very self centered creatures. We usually need to fuck things up royally for ourselves before we figure out what kind of behaviors are objectionable.

So what piece of advice would you give to the new guys?
Show up on time. Make your own toy line. Produce your own stuff. But, don’t write a book, cause I’m already doing that, and my material is probably better. LOL!


We Are The Wierdos, Mister.

Mar 21, 7:20 AM

I wasn’t just born gay. I was born different. Growing up, I was either the center of attention, or I was being completely shunned for my outlandish behavior.

Looking back at the other gay men whom I grew up with that later “came out”,  I simply wasn’t your typical gay kid. All the other gay kids that I grew up with liked the Bionic Woman better than the Six Million Dollar Man. However, unlike all the other gay boys, I didn’t fantasize about marrying the Six Million Dollar Man. I knew that I was going to marry David Bowie.

Yep. I was the strange one.

While all the other boys in the 6th grade were pirates, and jail birds, and transformers for Halloween.. I was Boy George.

At 12, I had already figured out that Siouxsie Sioux was the true Goddess-not Madonna.

At 13, I strayed down the Gothic path, long before there was ever a Marilyn Manson or a store called Hot Topic.

By 15, I was carrying around Sylvia Plath’s, The Bell Jar & Ariel poems like they were religious textbooks.

Yep. That was me. Freak. Fag. Sensitive soul. Dark heart. However you chose to label me.

And those were simply references to my style and and personal interests.

On a clinical level…I simply am not your average gay!

I’m hyper. Easily excitable. Like a big puppy that slobbers and pisses himself when he meets a stranger he likes. I can be loud. Sometimes confrontative. I cry when reading a sad novel or watching tragic cinema. I’m extremely emotional. Impulsive. Passionate. Loyal. Erratic. Intense…..


An ex-boyfriend once told me, “You’re too much candy for a dime!”


And, I used to be so hard on myself when I’d see disappointment in a stranger’s face, because I wasn’t the cool, calm, collect Nick that they envisioned me to be. Maybe that’s the fantasy man they built from the image they saw in the videos.

Sorry. I aint that guy! I will never be relaxed, easy going, and “under the radar”.

Maybe you get what I’m saying. Maybe you can relate.

So, how did I reconcile some of this?

Here is the first thing that I did to really help me become comfortable in my skin:

I stopped hanging out and assuming friendships with gay men because they were aesthetically pleasing. I now befriend any guy that I have common interests with. Most of whom are very artistic, sensitive, self assured, amazing souls.

We share a common thread in the fact that we are different. How refreshing that was to establish that kind of bond. Finally!

The second thing I did:

I quit focusing on trying to be the one who rebels agains the “cool” gay guys. It’s just a really immature place to come from. Yes, I can sometimes revert and be snarky, but I am much more concerned with rallying the gay guys out there that are like myself. Cuz let’s face it…there are plenty of us out there! Maybe not exactly like me. But, just like me!

The third thing I did:

I got brutally honest. Honest about my pain, honest about my dreams, about my pitfalls. The more authentic I become with you, the less I need to hide. That is freedom! Every time I share my self discoveries with another gay man, there is a connection made. I get some more freedom. And maybe they can relate and not feel so alone with their own frustrated fears.

So fucking what if we don’t fit in with the circuit queens at the gay bars!

So what if we stumble over our words when we meet an attractive guy, because it fuels some insecurity.

They are no better. We are no worse.

We are just different!

Let’s take some of our unique qualities, cultivate them, and start sharing them, so that others out there know they aren’t alone.

I’m done punishing myself for being different.

This is our time.

Let’s celebrate it!

So, let me know what you’re doing to help yourself feel more comfortable, exactly the way you are. More importantly, what are you doing to help someone else?

One of my favorite movie quotes is from that 90’s teen film, “The Craft”.

When the four witches are getting off the city bus and the bus driver says to Fairuza Balk’s character, “You girls watch out for those weirdos!” She responds smugly, “We are the weirdos, mister.”

Me with my grandparents, Halloween…1985



Capra Rising

Mar 19, 7:34 PM

Hey Guys!

Here is a link to a 2 min preview of my very first scene shot inn four years!

I completed Chapter 3 of my book today. Writing this book is already making me laugh hysterically, as I recount some of the crazy adventures I’ve experience over the past twelve years.

I promise to have a new essay written and posted in the next 48 hours. Please be patient. All of my writing has gone into this memoir I’ve begun writing, but it will be worth the wait.

Wet, sloppy kisses