June 5, 12:12 PM

Hey Guys

Here is the complete interview with GAYPV Magazine. The issue is running currently, June 2014.

GAYPV Talks With Nick Capra

You retired in 2010 and came back March 2014, choosing to return to adult films over a career as a medical technologist. Why?

Well, the information that was printed regarding the medical tech was false. I went to holistic school and got certified as a massage therapist. I did not choose [the adult film industry] as a career over massage and body work. I still see clients whilst shooting videos.

Have you completed your book? What is the title and how is going?

No. This is a very long process, and given the fact that this is a memoir I am reliving many very raw emotions. Sometimes, they are very fond memories and many are very scary ones. I’m just about to complete content for Chapter 5. I assume that I will need to write much more than necessary, as much of it will get scrapped through the editing process.

You have been sober since November 2013. You don’t blame porn for your addictions?

Absolutely not. I was an addict and alcoholic long before I became a porn star. Nothing and nobody are responsible for my addictions but me.

What advice to you give to someone considering porn as a career?

Do something more than just become a film star. Create a brand: i.e products, website, produce your own stuff. Why should we do all the work, while the guys in suits make all the money?!

How do you deal with the stress and pressure of the industry in your comeback?

I honestly don’t feel any stress. I’ll either be received, or I won’t.

What would you do different, if anything?

I have only one regret. You’ll have to read the book!

Are you over from the unfortunate loss of your boyfriend Tony’s death?

Am I over Tony’s suicide? Maybe you could explain to me how a person gets over the love of their life, killing themselves. I’d be happy to oblige. No. I’ll never be “over” Tony’s suicide.

What do you think about some studios (Falcon) digitally removing the condom to give a bareback look?

I think it’s awesome. They are keeping their models safe and giving people what they want. Watching bareback sex, while knowing the models are still using protection [is the] best of both worlds!

Are you still single? Confirming it is not possible to have a relationship while in the industry?

I am very much single. Happily single! I believe it is very possible to have a relationship while working in the industry, [but] I’m still mourning the suicide of my ex, who died less than one year ago. That doesn’t really make me good dating material, does it?

You are a firm believer in AA recovery program?

I am a firm believer in the AA program for Nick Capra. Is AA the answer for everyone who has a problem? Not necessarily. However, it has personally saved my life.

What would you do if you were not in gay adult films?

I’d be a writer.

How did you meet Paul VanVleck? Describe his style.

I met Paul in 2003. He shot me for the cover of a now defunct gay rag in San Diego, called Buzz. Paul shoots beautiful stuff. It’s erotic, romantic, and tells a story.

The photoshoot was Los Cabos? What do you think of the Mexico LGBT scene?

I could’t tell you. I landed in Los Cabos and we drove to rural Mexico. I didn’t really have time to do any gay tourist stuff. It was a strictly work trip.

Have you ever visited Puerto Vallarta?

What do you thing about the progression of LGBT rights worldwide and the biggest obstacle?

We are our own obstacle in the LGBT community. IF we just got out of one another’s way [and] started supporting one another, instead of going to war with each other over frivolous things, we’d be a much stronger, unified community.

At 39, you are a “Daddy”. How long do you plan for this second phase of your career? And what are you doing to continue the momentum?

I’m shooting. I’m writing. Honestly, I’ve already bee at the top tier of the gay film industry. I’ve shot for Falcon, Titan, Hot House, Lucas, Chi Chi, etc… [so] even if I regain that status, all I will be accomplishing is repeating the past. That’s rather boring, wouldn’t you say? Being published is my goal. It will be my legacy. It will hopefully let other gay men know they aren’t suffering alone in addiction, or body dysmorphia, or a bad relationship with their dad, or coming out of the closet, or dealing with a suicide. I want to take my name and show people that a smut star conquered all these afflictions, and so can they!

Do you know many successful comebacks? Who were they?

Yeah… his name is Nick Capra! Now watch as he rises!

You are a porn veteran… what keeps things fresh, exciting, and interesting?

I want to get a little nastier. I definitely would like to work for – they really allow you to abandon inhibitions.

Your greatest achievement? What do you want to be remembered for in porn?

I’m sober. That’s an amazing accomplishment, considering the path I was formerly on. I want to be remembered for my… vulnerable writing. I’m gonna bare my soul!