Goodbye, Baby

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  1. Well Nick, I will tell you one thing. You and your writing sure know how to get to the heart of a person.

    Earlier this week I had a very rough time because I was missing someone who had passed from my life. It was her birthday and I completely fell apart.

    I know it’s no consolation but while you couldn’t save your Tony, you did save me from the same fate. I thank God everyday for that.

    The tears I cry when reading your story or even when typing this are happy tears that I could be here to listen to you.

    I love you Nick. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: You are the strongest man I have even known, my role model and my hero. xoxo

  2. Nick, this is yet more proof of what an amazing man you are. To go through this and survive it show the strength you possess. I’m sure Tony is so proud of you and how you have become such a positive person to sonny people.

    Sometimes tragic circumstances can cause more pain than we realise. And we take very dark routes to try and find some solace. I know you went through that but luckily you manage to find some light to bring you to a better place.

    I prayer you continue on this bright road. That the light within you counties to inspire others to find the positive strength within themselves to reach to greatness.

    You are a beautiful man that some have & are now discovering. And who are all lucky to be able to draw on your strength to help them with whatever they are dealing with in life. And I feel blessed to be one of those people.

    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey. For the advise. For believing in me, even though most times I feel totally inadequate of your support or friendship.

    Love to you always,
    Q xoxo

  3. My Dearest Nick,
    Once again you touched my heart and tears
    A love once shared by two people, You and your beautiful Tony could be so powerful and moving!
    Yes he is gone but the beautiful memories are everlasting
    Life certainly has its challenges, The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained! but when you draw the positive from it makes us stronger everyday! I draw from your strength, your inspiration, your daily commitment. Thank You for your love, support and believing in Me as I do the same for You!
    Love You always from my heart
    Your friend

  4. I’ve never thought to end up here, in a complete casual way, just looking for some pics of the gorgeous man you are, and find myself in tears reading at your post…
    It makes me wanna open up my heart once again… and i really would love to hug you… not saying anything like “He’s still here, he’s watching over You”… of course he is and i think he’s smiling everytime you do the same.. but this is not something for us earthly people… i would only hug you.

    Gabriele, Rome IT

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