Navigating Porn and the Malady

4 thoughts on “Navigating Porn and the Malady”

  1. Nick, you seriously are such a beautiful person. I randomly came across your Twitter not even knowinh you were a porn star. And whist it is something that you happen to do got a living I know it is not what really makes you who you are.

    The real you is the one that has experienced all that you have and come out stronger. The highs and the lows are things that have helped shaped who you are today. I sometimes feel like a broken record saying this but you are and always will be an inspiration to me (and many others).

    As you continue this journey I will continue to wish you nothing but the best. I look forward to your writing and can’t wait to read your memoir when it’s completed.

    With love from a distant friend.
    Q xoxo

  2. Beautiful and very well written.

    The one thing I do have to say is this on the failure or success of Nick Capra.

    It doesn’t matter how many scenes you do, or magazines/box covers you are on. You have touched and saved many “pups”, me included, with your sincere, loving nature. Yes some come for your “naked body” or your “fucking” but I will always come back for your compassion, your love, your respect and your wisdom.

    I really do thank you from every fiber of my being for being my hero, my friend, and just a role model that someone who’s lost can look up to.

    Love you papa! xoxo

  3. Well my friend,
    You have touched me and my heart once more!
    Beautifully written…
    What a difference a year makes!
    From the first time I met you on social media,a year ago, you are more focused and calmer now! We’ve come along way baby so to speak. You have touched so many lives, especially mine my friend!
    You certainly keep it real for who really know you behind that mask! You are adored by many, but your true friends love you for who you were then and continue to do so now!
    I know that your journey has not been easy for you, it’s a continued struggle but with Love and Support we will be stronger in the end!
    You are a beacon and we are your light!
    A friend once said #WeAreInThisTogether
    Thank You for allowing me to be part of your journey!
    I will always be here for You and my Love shall be too! No Matter what!
    Your friend
    Anthony ❤️

  4. Clarity of mind is a concept to treasure and embrace. That you are able to view past experiences as valuable lessons learned and allow setbacks to deepen your resolve is a triumph of spirit. Your words are proof that growth, of any kind, is an organic process and comes about by challenging existing personal comforts and safety. The strength and discipline that you have employed to push yourself and find what lies beyond the reaches of your abilities is what others respect.

    Celebrate this, just as you should celebrate the fact that at the end of the day you are simply a man valiantly trying to be true to himself.

    What one does for a living should not define the individual. The number of followers on social media does not ensure a popularity that is enduring. A gilded mirror quite often reflects an illusion that hides reality and what should be held as truth. NOTOriety is quite often the excuse that people, deluded by momentary fame, use to excuse behaviour and cruel judgement that should be said NO TO.

    So continue on your journey with an open heart. Continue to sit, watch and listen. Continue to write and express yourself. And continue to be courageous enough to forgive others and see the hope of life in every mundane or shining star detail.

    That is what individuals like Anthony, Quentin and Jimmy applaud you for. That is the true measure of any individual. That is the dream that shines light on the quiet achievers who seek inspiration in unique places beyond there normal existence and embrace all possibilities with an open mind.


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