Our Singleness Of Purpose

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  1. All I can say is you truly amaze & inspire me. Since connecting with you I’ve come to know you are so much more than a porn star. And you prove with every post you write. Your encouragement and support of everyone you connect with is awesome. And your writing is always something I look forward to reading and refer whenever I need a pick-me-up. So I’ll always thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey and for the encouragement you have shown towards me. Love you Nick.

  2. Papa all i can say is you never cease to amaze me. You are truly an inspiring man and continuously keep me thinking. Your writing does reach people and im sure truly saves lives. I cannot wait for your book and of course more blog posts. I could read several books of your writings. Love you so much. Love Feisty.:)

  3. Nick,
    May you always continue to be proof positive that an individual is greater than the sum of their collected parts; and long may your writing be the mirror that reflects to others what they see, or refuse to see, within and about themselves. The thrill of any creative effort, and its joy of achievement, lies in the inspired connection with others. This is your gift and a treasure to be held with pride. Continued success to you always.

    May you only see the sunshine in life and continue to be guided by the light of those that encourage you to follow your bliss. Embrace happiness – for when you notice that you are happy you will shine like those here believe you can.

    May you always be amazed and willing to open your mind to thoughts about everything and anything. Your continued warm and thoughtful nature is proof that a kind word gives great pleasure to those that are willing to hear. Hello to you and best wishes that life is treating you joy and wonder.

    I am hoping you read this blog. May you continue to be the loyal, strong and admirable character that you are. Long may you see the best in life and have it returned to you in full. Cheers to you and may the joys of the world touch your heart and soul.

    As for me. Spare a thought for those that will never find the strength to acknowledge the special qualities that define them, much less feel the joys of passion driving them. Not everyone can be so blessed in life. For their purpose is a different path. They are the loners – so that others do not need to know how that feels; they are the ones who absorb sadness – so that others feel only the joy of happiness; they are the ones who offer words of peace – determined to be the calm and gentle centre that is often denied the luxury of reciprocation; and they are the hidden – so that others may shine without hesitation or doubt. All this is done willingly. This is their singleness of purpose. It is no sacrifice nor is it a weakness – it simply is what it is, the following of an inner moonlight that doesn’t allow them to hide the madness.

    Thank you for allowing me to consider you all a friend and a connected member to this beautiful thing called life. Respect and love to all.

    1. Hello sweetie, aww thank you again for such sweet words my friend. You are very inspiring yourself. I See what you are saying about yourself. So i know not to say im sorry that its like that for you. For you said its willingly that you do. But i will say through reading your comments. You do have a beautiful heart and soul. So very kind and sweet what you say to us. As im told by others i spread love and joy and i watch out for everyone. Just a friend and mama to anyone who needs it. You are so welcome for being a friend. For you truly are. And we are blessed to know you sweetie. Big hugs to you love 🙂

  4. My Dearest Nick,
    Your writings continue to positively show that You are human first. Everything else we are or have gathered in Life is just That “Things” but what we do with it….makes us what and who we are.
    I’ve often asked myself, What is my “Singleness of Purpose” in this Life of Mine…all I can say is Step Back and Don’t think of It, but Just Do It to fulfil It! The smallest positive gesture, kindness towards another Man, Woman and Child will come back 10 fold!
    Life sometimes throws You an unexpected curve ball, but even curved balls can still be shot out of the ballpark!
    Nick, you continue to inspire Me…even with simplest word or a line.
    Your Sobriety..
    Your Writings…
    Your Very Freedom….
    Even Your Passion for Life shows Me…
    Your Human first, everything else is trimmings to your Life.
    I’ve learnt so much from You these past months, that I thank you and Love You for being there for Me as I am here for you Always.
    Your Friend

  5. Kerry, My Beautiful Kerry……
    Thank You so much for your beautiful words of kindness and Support!
    Keep shining my Beautiful You, for the world needs more treasures like You!
    Love and Support You Always
    Your friend

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