Reclaiming Our Self Worth

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  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing this story with us. We really are a lot alike. I guess that’s why I have gravitated to you over the past year since we have connected through social media. I AM EXACTLY that person who doesn’t let go of things or people. In my past I have just accepted how people have treated me because I thought that’s all I deserved. Your friendship has shown me another way. Love you papa. xoxo

  2. Oh Papa, yet again a very inspirational post. You are so right. Many people do many things to fell worthy. But its our own worth that is important. We cant help others or be with someone if we dont love ourselves. Nothing we do or possess will make us worthy. We need to feel it and live it. Im glad you are in a good place.:) And you know you worth to many of us. You are priceless, you are a gem. Love you so much. Love ya, Feisty.

  3. My Dearest Nick,
    Your Words hit me!
    We always think that abusive, unkind gesture done by someone else will get better!
    Always thought I can change that person, but in the end…
    I’m selling myself short!
    You’ve shown me that I’m a beautiful person, in mind, body and my very soul!
    Your words are on point Nick!
    You are truly. Beautiful person with a heart of Love and kindness!
    I’ve learnt so much from You first day we met on social media!
    I truly Thank You,
    For together we can Aspire anything and together we can achieve the World!
    Love You Buddy Always
    Your Friend

  4. I don’t even know where to start. Again I haven’t been through any of what you have been through as far as the drug addition goes. But I certainly appreciate how hard it must have been for you.
    It seems as I have gotten older my life has become nothing but a roller coaster ride (but not the fun kind). I’ve spiralled through so much emotionally that on most occasions I just wanted to end it all. And I certainly attempted to do that. Things aren’t as bad now but I definitely have a very low sense of self worth.
    You sir though are right that a lot of what we go through is about what we are putting out in the universe. We show people we come in contact with what we think they want to see. Not what/how we want to be seen.
    So again and always, thank you for always sharing your life and the challenges and successes. You’re inspiration, determination and tenacity will always be a comfort. I hope there will be a time in my life where I stopped crying. Stop thinking about hurting myself. Stop thinking that everyone in my life is just there to hurt me. Stop the thoughts of wanting to cut myself. To abuse myself.
    I’m so greatful to you Nick that I really don’t have the words to express it. So I’ll just continue to say THANK YOU!
    Love you papa!!

  5. Thank you for sharing such an honest and personal insight into your life. It takes great courage and self-awareness to willingly express your inner truth and expand your horizons beyond the pain that sometimes becomes an intimate friend and destructive comfort.

    What makes an individual awesome, for want of a better word, is the comprehension of what they are inside. Therefore, Nick, congratulations are in order.

    You have accepted yourself, you have loved yourself, and you have made the right choice and recognised what is good for you. In doing so you have realised that you are not alone. In some degree we all feel that – though often we are not all as strong as you are in finding the ability to apply such a principle to our existence.

    There is a saying: Fall in love with someone who deserves your heart, not someone who plays with it. Walking away from situations you found yourself in recently has given you the control to understand and acknowledge your own self-worth. That is a thing of beauty and it is encouraging to note that you have the courage to embrace such a concept.

    The power and impact of the written word is truly amazing. It is a luxury that should be welcomed, just as it is an ideal that should be actively pursued. That you do so is a joy and a privilege. That you touch the lives of others – Anthony, Quentin, Jimmy and Sharon et al – is a reward unto itself.

    This blog is a shining example of why I admire your character. You are the consummate gentleman at all times. You possess the ability to treat situations and others with respect and understanding. You are calm; you are assertive without being aggressive. You are willing to see the world as another person – to share and understand their feelings, needs, concerns and emotional state – and withhold criticism. You accept that communication and imagination are vital survival keys. You recognise that saying goodbye to the friendships you have spoken of, their promise and their lost potential, is a necessary sadness. You allow yourself to forgive others for their drama and their insensitivity.

    Most importantly though, you own your own truth, stand by your character and strive towards higher things. In essence what can be a greater inspiration than that?

    May life bless you with the power to never accept less than you deserve.

    [All the best and continued success for your future and new website. As this is the only time I get to communicate with you I am going for broke.]

    1. Oh Kerry that was so beautifully written. He certainly is an amazing man with a beautiful heart and soul. Im so honored and blessed to know him and call him a friend. He touches our lives everyday and is an inspiration to many. Such a gifted writer that i no his messages will help people overcome whatever they need to. He has bought people together and beautiful friendships and a family has come from it. For that im so grateful. We are constantly with him day and night. And he is with us. Im so proud of him and happy for all that hes getting to do and will continue to do. Have a great day sweetie. Love Sharon (aka Feisty)

      1. You have given me the courtesy of your time, which is the most thoughtful gift of all – so Sharon I thank you. It’s truly a treat to meet you – and I adore your nickname, Feisty. It speaks of a sparkling and dynamic personality, which is a treat and a treasure and something most of us can only dream of. So shine bright as a gem for us girls.

        Whatever is written in the reply sections of these blog entries is a direct response to the honesty, talent and genuine character of a truly inspirational man. That he has commanded such loyalty from yourself and Anthony and others speaks volumes.

        Your wish for a great day is returned in kind. Wishes and regards, Kerry

        [Hopefully it’s OK to chat to you and Anthony like this because I’m not a twitter person and I felt compelled to somehow return a kindness with a thank you.]

        1. Oh Kerry, thank you so much for your sweet words and its an honor to meet you also. Yes Nick gave me that nickname and i love it so much. Im the shoulder for people to lean on and the ears to listen. The mama of the family so to speak. As i tell people i just have a heart full of love and like to spread it around. Nick is truly amazing, one of a kind beautiful soul of a man. He has such a way to make everyone feel loved and cared for. No matter how busy he gets he loves to connect with us in a way a lot of people in his industry may not be able too. His writings are so inspirational and beautiful. He and we are blessed to have you as a friend. You are so very sweet and i thank you again for your beautiful words of kindness and know im always here if you need to talk sweetie. You have a great weekend. And big hugs to you 🙂 Love Feisty.

  6. Dearest Kerry,
    Your words are always comforting and on point!
    Your inner beauty always shines from within and a great friend! I love the words “Fall in love with someone who deserves your heart, not someone who plays with it”
    Those are truly heartfelt and beautiful.
    Thank You again for being part of this Amazing Family and being in Nick’s life!
    Your Friend Always

    1. Anthony,
      Sight unseen you have given me a rare and generous gift. At this time in my life may you know that it is happily accepted, deeply appreciated and encourages me to smile as I try to view the world with sunshine, hope and promise.
      I thank you Anthony for such kindness and may you always know that you are valued for who you are – so shine brightly.
      May kindness always touch your life, for you possess a gentle soul that deserves joy.
      All my regards,

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