Stepping Stones

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  1. Nick. That was beautiful. I think you are well aware of the impact you have had on my life. I don’t know where or if I would be without your words. I thank you for that. I will love you forever for guiding me back to the living.

    Forever your naughty pup
    Jimmy xoxoxo

    1. That made my day. I am so proud of the man you are becoming, Jimmy. You’ve grown so much, since we first started talking on social media. I’m always here for you…and thank you for g=being here for me. xoxo

  2. Man I have so much that I could write in response to this post. Again thank you for writing & sharing your journey with the world. But I have to say each post I read, whilst brilliant & inspirational, I can’t help but feel even more sad. Sad that though my life is nothing compared to yours, it is pathetic that I can’t get past all the crap and try and find the happiness. I’m constantly battling to wake up everyday or fighting with myself not to end my life ‘for good’! (Although apparently there will be few of your followers who I’m sure would love it if I was no longer part of the living)!

    You are an inspiration and a guiding light to a lot of people. So again thank you!

    1. Love you, Quentin. I understand. I know what it’s like to lay in bed, and not want to get up…I did that for months. Things will change. I promise. I believe in you.

  3. Papa, words cannot express how Honored and Blessed i feel to be a part of your life and this journey of yours. You truly are an inspiration. Ive had many people who have joined our family say its reading your blog first and seeing some of themselves in your writings and you have helped them. And i know you like that. You have inspired me to write again. I will take the advice you gave me and i will do it. Im so proud of you papa and look forward to what is to come. Love You 🙂

    1. Feisty…We have a special connection, through very similar tragedies in our lives. I can’t help but believe that we met for very specific reasons. now is your time. Paper is patient. Write it all out. Im here for you to share. Being the shoulder to cry on is wonderful…but allowing yourself the freedom to express your own pain…infinitely more freedom, with that. Love u! xoxo

      1. Oh papa, im just now seeing this. I to believe we met for specific reasons. And for those i am thankful. yes we do have a special connection as far as the tragedies in our lives. I do love being the shoulder to cry on type of person. But yes i do have to let mine out. And i feel writing will help. I like what you said paper is patient. I will keep that in mind. Thank you for being here for me. Means the world to me. Love you and our family so much. So honored and blessed to know you and everyone. Love you papa:)

  4. Once again I thank you Nick for such an insightful and intimate expression of truth. The heartfelt manner in which you express yourself challenges us to feel.

    We cannot escape pain – that is a fact universal to all. Nor can we escape the essential nature of life.

    What we can do, however, is exercise the luxury of choice and evolve beyond the crippling struggles that visit at random times to cause havoc, heartache and doubt.

    To resolve to fight, to persevere, and to discover the nobility of such a process is truly a thing of beauty.

    The life you have experienced Nick, the stepping stones of your journey, serves as an inspiration to many. Not because of the trappings of success, status or glamour but because you are a genuine individual that is willing to open his heart to others and allow the world to see you for who you truly are. In doing so, you allow us to see a reflection of our own lives and encourage us to strive to rebalance and rebuild what we long to change or alter about ourselves.

    The greatest gift I have even been given in life is the core values instilled in me by my cherished parents. I was raised to admire and support any individual that has the willingness to address an addiction and reverse the cycle of dependence. I was raised to respect the right of an individual to walk a path different to my own and celebrate the joy of such diversity. I was raised to embrace the concept of empathy. I was raised to believe that caring for another soul is a greater gift than any material possession. Above all though, I was raised to be true and kind to myself and others.

    All this I see mirrored within you, Nick, and all the supporters of your blog. That you have motivated Jimmy and others like him to embrace living is a thing of wonder. That you are considerate and encouraging to Quentin is a comfort. That you promote such passionate dedication within Sharon, and co, is terrific.

    To all of you I say this – be strong and remember that each and every one of you is amazing.


    [Quentin I offer you this thought. Not every individual can be a star that shines brightly. If we all shone with such intensity there would be no night. For the night is equally important to the world and to be the power behind such contrast is a wonderful thing. Embrace the hand of someone Quentin and hold firm, allow them to absorb your pain and share the burden as you wait for the promise of dawn.]

    1. Kerry Ann…Tears in my eyes as I read this. Thank you for supporting my writing. You are a shining light for me.
      Thank you so very much for the beautiful shoes, as well. I’ll be sporting them this weekend, thinking of you. xoxo

  5. My dearest Nick.
    Where do I begin?
    I pondered on this for a day now, not knowing how I should put my thoughts on paper!
    First off! I want to to say “Thank You”. Second, if it wasn’t for you 7 months ago when we made that first connection, I don’t know where I would be today!
    7 months ago my world was falling apart, my very being was in dyer need of getting help, but I did not know where to go, who to ask.
    What with my younger sweet brother of mine tried committing suicide, what with my dearest Mother taking to the bottle to drown her sorrows cause my father left the home front to greener pastures! Selfish of him yes! But that’s another story! What with my sweet grandmother passing away was traumatic to say the least! The financial picture was so bleak, didn’t know where the next meal was coming from, or whether we had a roof over our heads! The very thought of it has me in tears right now! But that was all in the past for that day 7 months ago we made a connection through social media! Never knew it existed. When I clicked on your vine only because I recognized your face. And as they say the rest was history! You made me come to terms that “I can do” and “I will”. Your daily inspiration has helped me with my thoughts and life! I am a better person for it! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this journey from the day we connected, now and always! Our dark past although in memory is the “Stepping Stones” to walk and see the Light! I will walk with you side by side always! We will onward and upward March together One Step at a time! So very proud not only with myself but of you! Your journey through your memoir will touch and help so many people words cannot express it! You are here for a reason, for you were given a second chance! I thank you for being You today! Love and support always. Your eternally great full friend Anthony

    1. Anthony,
      That you can continue to walk towards something with positivity after experiencing everything is a strength to treasure. May the writing of Nick and his blog continue to inspire you as you journey through life.

  6. Thank You So much Kerry, for your Kind Words! Never felt more love in my life the day Nick and Myself connected through Social Media! His Generosity, His Support, His Inspiration, His Dermination, His drive as a human being AMAZES me every single day! You! Kerry are a kind Soul, your beauty shines through your kind and uplifting words!
    Thank You Kerry and Nick for your continued Love and Support Always!


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