Somewhere….On The Edge.

It’s no secret that my favorite company to work for is Every time I do a scene for them, my limits, my stamina, and sexual performance is pushed to another realm. I will be writing a separate blog entry, on some of the growth that I have experienced, staying at the Armory.

However, this blog is all about my Men on Edge scene. I was nervous walking into the scene. Especially after seeing Sebastian Keys with rope in his hand.

I asked what it was for. He simply replied, “Do you trust me?”

Yeah. I trust Sebastian. The fact that I have beat my dick for several months, thinking about burying it inside of him, helps too!

The next several hours were spent with me bound, edged, suspended, edged more, sucked, fucked with a dido, (only scene in history that Ive ever allowed a dildo in my ass) tied to a bed, edged with his mouth, hot and cold water, then finally an explosive release.

It was one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever shot. I remember when I was younger, reading a series of books by Anne Rice, about the BDSM retelling of Sleeping Beauty. I felt like a character in one of those erotic novels, whilst shooting this scene.

I don’t often write commentary on specific scenes that I shoot. This one, however, deserves to be acknowledged. I couldn’t be prouder of it, and more elated with the experience. I think it translates perfectly through the visual.

Thanks, to, and the angelic looking little devil, Sebastian Keys, for taking me so far to the Edge.

Here is the link to the trailer for my Men on Edge scene for










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  1. Nick you are facing stuff not just personally but professionally that not all us would even think about!! It’s such a comfort to get an insight to your life and to (in a sense) be on this journey with you. Everything that you conquer is clearly making you more of a stronger person. And you continue to amaze and inspire me.
    In a scene like this though to let go full control and hand it to someone else? Don’t think I could ever do that! The experience certainly looked amazing and can only imagine where this could take you! Congrats mate!! xoxo

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