Passion. I was born with it. Passion burns inside of me. Outspoken. Intense. Convicted. Loyal. Invested. Sometimes crazy.

As a child, I was always writing in my journal. I had the ability to translate raw emotion into my writing from a very young age. But, life happened. Many things transpired in my childhood that changed me. That hurt me. I always tell people, “I had my shit on point until I was 11 years old!”

Shortly after the time that I figured out that my father would never be the dad I needed him to be. That he was incapable of loving me…I became very wounded. I was hurt…and very angry. That anger turned inwards.

By the time I was 17 years old…all of that hurt and self hatred got the better of me…I threw down my writing pen, and I picked up dope.

All of the passion that burned inside of me…all of that bright light…turned to darkness. Shrouded by pain, by crack cocaine, amphetamines, and hopelessness.

The more dope that I used. The more I numbed out. Became a non entity. I did terrible things that hurt myself and the people I loved. The more pain I inflicted on myself and others. The more I hated myself for doing such things. The more I sought to destroy myself with dope.

There it it…in several paragraphs, I’ve outlined a cycle that completely ran my life for more than 20 years. I could have died. I should have died many times.

But, passion…and the human spirit. They are powerful things.

Somewhere along the line, I made a decision. I wanted to live again. To feel. To grow. And, as the will to live grew, so did the passion within me.

I am not a religious man. But, I do believe that we are all send into this world to learn, to grow, and to share freely what we learn with others.

Fortunately, (or not) for me, the greatest growth that I have experienced has sprung from the greatest tragedies.

Am I happy with all of the choices I’ve made in this lifetime? No.

Do I wish any of the pain I have experienced upon another human being? Never.

Would I trade any of my experiences for all the money in the world? Absolutely not!

I am the man that I am because of every fucked up choice I ever have made…and learned from.

I’m no longer victimized by my bad choices today. I’m not killing myself today, because of the pain I’ve suffered in the past.



So, what is “Harnessing the Power?”

For me, it starts by waking up sober. Everything good in my life today is contingent on my sobriety. Being sober allows me to access all 7 of my chakras, freely.

I meditated this morning. My morning meditations are short and easy. Right now, my favorite morning meditation is “Canyon People”, by Carlos Nakai. That 4-5 minute flute piece gives me time to ponder my day.

For some reason, after my mediation was over today, the expression “Hope Springs Eternal”, was on my mind. And, that simple expression led me to writing this piece.

If you are drawn to me or my writing, you are most likely a passionate person as well. (“Like attracts like”)

So, my question for you is, “What is your passion?”

It’s there. I promise you. If you can navigate past your surface thoughts and the “clamors of the world”, you’ll see it’s always been there.

Next, how do you, “Harness the power, to indulge your passion?”

For me, it is simple…I stay sober..I meditate..I listen to my inner voice…and I write!!




2 thoughts on “HARNESSING THE POWER”

  1. Nick! Well written, well said! I see your passion everyday with our constant communication! I see your passion in your commitment, your dedication, your determination, your drive to be a better person! I learn from you is a constant in my life daily. I learn that I am the only one to change daily! Your inspiration drives my inner being constantly! Never feel sorry for what I love to do! That being thoughtful, helping those who need my help and to make the world a better place. My friend you are a constant in my life to do better one step at a time! I thank you for being in my life as a friend. Keep writing and I will keep learning from you! Love you always my Bud, my friend! Xoxo

  2. Nick, you and your writing constantly amaze me. And this entry is another example of how inspiring you are. Our lives are different but the same. Whilst I haven’t experience the drug and alcohol abuse, my demons of anxiety, depression, lack of self worth/love have led me to self destruction in a different way. How am I surviving? I’m not sure. But when I wake up each day I take that as a good sign.

    So again thank you for being you and for sharing you stories. It had been helping more than you know! xoxo

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