Proud Bottoms…Unite!

Gay men love to get fucked for a multitude of reasons:

The heightened physical sensation they experience while their prostate is being massaged.
The exciting visual they get while being penetrated/dominated by another man.
The emotional bond and intimacy they feel when someone they love is inside of them.
So, why have we in our own gay culture turned bottoms into the weaker demographic??
Come on, guys…Don’t deny it!!
How many times have you been hanging out at a bar with your friends, when a hot, muscular guy walks in the room and you all gawk until someone in your circle chimes in, “Oh no, girl…he’s a big ol’ bottom!”
That term, “Big ol’  bottom”, has been around for generations. It is sometimes used with humor. But, so many times referenced with a level of prejudice.
Hot Top?
Big ol’ Bottom?
We are ALL men here. Does it really make us any more or less of a man because we choose to be primarily “anal insertive” or “anal receptive” in bed?
I am a top for several reasons. I admittedly have used Propecia for over a decade. Unbeknownst to most, Propecia’s primary medical use is to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate. I presume that having taken Propecia every day for over a decade. My prostate has probably been reduced to the size of a grain of sand. (Sorry. Not Sorry. I also have a full head of hair in my late 30’s and wouldn’t tradem that for anything!)
Trust me, guys..I’ve tried to be a bottom! Cuming from your prostate is the most intense orgasm a man can have.
Arpad Miklos (may he RIP) found my prostate is 2006 on the set of “Dirty Talk”. From that moment forward, until the end of 2008, I spent a good portion of my sex life trying to find the perfect top to validate why I should become a proud Bottom! As a novice bottom, I do have very particular standards for my potential top. (Probably molded by Arpad)
He has to be foreign (Eastern European preferably), accent, more muscular than I am, hairy chest, and uncut dick. That’s right, bitches. This Italian loves some foreskin!
I spent so much of 2008 bottoming for foreign dick all across the tri state area, I believe my ass hole was Angelina Jolie’s primary competition for being merited as an Ambassador for the United Nations!
It just didn’t work out for me. No one (and there were many) has ever made me cum from my ass the way Arpad did on that fateful day.
Don’t get me wrong..I am an ass man. If I have to choose a hot ass with a perfect hole or a hot dick, I’m going for the ass
However, had I found the right foreign top to make me squirt while fucking my ass, your damn right you would have a proud versatile man here!
So guys…let’s give one another a break!
Let’s honor ourselves and one another for whatever role we subscribe to in the bedroom.
The position you enjoy has absolutely NOTHING to do with your “manhood”!
How much of a man you are is contingent on how you live your life, treat other human beings, and handle personal struggles and victories.
You tops out there….
Be forever grateful for every bottom that pleasures your dick with their beautiful hole!
And, all you bottoms out there…
Own your bottom-hood. Be proud!
If nothing else, know that I respect and appreciate every bottom out there…or at least hope to in the future!

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  1. Well said Nick! Still a virgin in that department! My utmost intentions is to give it ago! Have to find the right man for it! That day will come, and coming it will be! That important man knows who he is! Thanks for the insight! Less us judge for we are the tops and or bottoms out there! Xoxo

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