Ever since I was a boy, I’ve been drawn to ritualism. More specifically, the rituals of the old rites.
I’m not exactly sure where it comes from, because my parents were both raised in strict Italian Catholic homes. However, anything with depictions of moon, fire, ocean, crystals, candles, and mysticism; make my spirit soar.
I don’t personally feel any allegiance to the Catholic church. Nor, do I judge anyone who does. It’s simply not relatable to me.

When I envision ritualism, I see moonbeams, shining down upon woman, dancing in silver waterfalls. Thick layers of incense burning, as men cloaked in mystery, rise from citadels…running through a forest, hunting the King stag for his antlers. Then, returning from the hunt, to make love to a virgin Priestess…celebrating the Beltane fires. (the birth of Spring)

Ritualizing Spirit and sexuality makes perfect sense to me. As they are both God given.

I never understood why the Catholic church circumcised sexuality from their religion; and turned sex into such a taboo.
Women had to either choose to align themselves with the Virgin Mary: pure, chaste, and holy. Or, the Mary Magdalene: wicked, condemned, a whore.
I always saw the sexuality in the Virgin Mary..and the deep spirituality in Mary Magdalene.

And long before them..there were the pagan rituals…which often took nature elements: earth, air, fire, water..and incorporated the human body; movement and sexuality.

When I was approached by Paul Van Vleck, my very favorite location photographer. And he asked me if I wanted to so some nature photos, I told him: “I’ve been shooting porn pictures for almost 14 years. So, If I’m going to take the time to do a photo shoot, I’d like it to be a reflection of something that interests me.” In this case, it was the Old Religion. The celebration of spirituality and sexuality.

I realize that this can be a touchy subject for many people..So, my hope is that despite whatever religious or spiritual practice you align yourself with. You will see the beauty in this pictorial. And maybe even feel connected.