May 30, 8:17 AM

Hey guys!

I’m so honored to be featured on the cover of GAYPV lifestyle magazine, with a story about my recovery from drugs and alcohol. Spreading awareness and hope is such a blessing, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!






I Fell, Like Love

May 6, 9:21 AM

Last night I was up late, past my normal bedtime. Doing quite a bit of reflecting. As the one year anniversary of my ex partner’s suicide approaches, I wanted to just take a moment to remember how much he taught me. How much I loved him. And how blessed I feel to have shared almost three years with the most significant, amazing man that has ever walked this earth. I wrote this short piece last night before bed…

I Fell, Like Love

I met a man four years ago…He took my hand, and I let go..All my fears and all my pain. He cleansed my soul, like bleeding rain.┬áThe love we shared for 3 blessed years, changed my heart, and froze my tears. I fell, like love..out of control. But he fell to the darkness in his soul. My love was lost in a sea of mercury, I was so blind, I could not see. All the torment in his heart, took my love, it ruled his heart. He took to the skies by his own hand, my heart lies broken, more than waves upon the sand. I love you, Tony…As I loved you then..

Until we meet…farewell, sweet man.